SOLD – Ferrari 512 BB – 1981

Car in its original exterior color : YES 
Car in its original interior color : YES 
Original chassis Nr  : YES 
Correct engine type  : YES
Original engine Nr  : YES
Correct Gear box type  : YES 
Original Gear box Nr  : YES
Mileage : 46.000 KM



The Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer was Ferrari’s supercar destined to beat all competition. It features all polyester or aluminum bodywork in the best Pininfarina design and is fitted with a big 4.9-liter flat 12-cylinder block, which delivers 340 bhp at 6,800 rpm. Compare it to a Daytona and it is lighter and much more responsive. Ferrari produced only 929 carburetor versions of the BB which are more sought after than the later injected versions for their response to the throttle and better sound!


The 365 GT4/BB was updated as the BB 512 in 1976, resurrecting the name of the earlier Ferrari 512 racer. The engine was larger at 4942cc. Dry sump lubrication was used to prevent oil starvation in hard cornering due to revised rear suspension, wider wheels and wider rear tires. 


The bodywork of the BB is a real art piece, which is the result of the objective to keep the car as light as possible. It’s a patchwork of different materials: the central cell is in steel, the complete front lid and rear trunk lid are in aluminium and covered at the inside by polyester and finally the front and back shields are completely in polyester. 


Our Ferrari 512 BB – Matching Number – unique color ! 


–       Production year: February 1981 (Carburettor – one of the 929)

–       VIN: 36445

–       Original 46.000km

–       Car delivered in Italy – Modena

–       Outside Color: Grigio Ferro 

–       Inside colour: Black 



This car has only covered 46,000 km from new; including a very recent cam belt change and service.


This car is a matching number car and corresponds with the information found in the official Ferrari Database.


Our cars are located at our private showroom in Brussels (Belgium). 

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